Tuesday Talks

Building Purposeful Communities Around Your Brand

Melissa Gonzalez and Pavan Bahl speak about how brands can build communities.

Pavan Bahl is a founder of mouth MouthMedia Network as well as a master connector, community builder, and strategist. Melissa and Pavan discuss building authentic community around your brand, how to cultivate genuine connection, and how Pavan has done that through podcasting.

MouthMedia Network started with one show, and has grown into having 18 public facing shows under its umbrella. Melissa asks why he thinks podcasting has grown to become such a trend. Pavan says that since podcasting is secondary consumption, its appeal is that it is a way of consuming media where people are able to engage while still going on with their day. 

Melissa and Pavan talk about the importance of building communities and why he thinks that it is an important focus that brands should take as an authentic marketing tool. Pavan explains that many people confuse community and audience.  On social media, that’s the difference between having followers and having engagement. The power of community can be transferred into everything that you do. In his experience with MouthMedia Network creating podcasts, community has always been an integral foundational piece of what they do, every podcast has a community element to it and brings people together.

When it comes to channels to connect with people on, Pavan talks about Instagram as his favorite. Melissa and Pavan discuss that when it comes to Instagram, huge follower count is less important than having quality, engaged followers. In addition to quality engagement, polling is a way of opening a conversation up to the community. Some brands on Instagram that Pavan thinks are successfully building community are in streetwear.  He explains that pages like hypebeast and sneakertrkr have a unique way of giving a full open lens of what the company is up to, how they’re doing it, and promoting other people in the community. 

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