Voice Assistants and Retail

This Week’s Tuesday Talk Features Audrey Wu, Co-Founder + CEO of CONVRG And Our CEO Melissa Gonzalez.

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A Few Show Highlights:

In a world fueled by technology, it comes as no surprise how quickly voice assistance technology has swept through homes across the world. This week we had the opportunity to speak with Audrey Wu, the CEO of Convrg, a full service digital marketing agency. Convrg combines their extensive experience and unique ideas to help brands build purposeful, long-lasting relationships with their clients through social media platforms. Audrey spoke to us about how voice assistant technology is making a breakthrough into the retail world.

Audrey began by explaining to us how voice assistant technology is used today, and more importantly who is using it. She stated that devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are multigenerational tools. Young children growing up with technology all around them can use these devices and so can baby boomers, who enjoy the simple voice commands because there are no buttons or confusion. Although voice assistant technology is currently used most often in homes, it will be appearing in retail next. Audrey and Convrg think that retail is becoming more and more innovative to keep up to speed with customer demands, so it will be showing up in retail settings before we know it.

In our talk with Audrey we asked how long it takes to implement a tech change such as voice assistant into a retail setting? Depending on the brand, Audrey said the time can vary, but typically in 6-8 weeks Convrg can merge the devices into a brand’s retail store. The seamless integration begins with Converg sifting through a brands existing social media and digital channels to pull key words and phrases, giving them a feel for the brands image. To make the technology more personable the voice assistant’s robotic voice can be changed out for a human voice, giving consumers a more personal connection the the device. The assistant is able to stay up to date through store updates and rebranding easily by utilizing its continuous connection to the brands dashboard, making it simple for brands.

In a world where technology is advancing at a rapid rate and retail is constantly changing, it only makes sense for the two worlds to intertwine. Convrg knows that voice assistant technology will be making its way into the retail world quicker than we think. With seamless integration and multigenerational users voice assistant technology has become a common part of our everyday lives.

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