Trends in Retail Tech

This Week’s Tuesday Talk Features Jessica Naziri, Founder of And Our CEO Melissa Gonzalez.

A Few Show Highlights:

This week we had the pleasure of having Jessica Naziri, Founder of as part of our Trends in Retail Tech segment. Jessica is paving the way for other females in tech with her site TechSesh, which offers smart, simple solutions for digital dilemmas. Jessica started her career as a tech reporter and later worked at a startup, then she saw a void in the market because a lot of the tech gadgets were for men and reviewed my men, so she decided to start a blog on reviews of products, gadgets, apps. Today her site has become a community for women in tech.

When it comes to trends in retail tech, this year’s New York Fashion Week was filled with interesting compositions on both. Jessica was most excited about the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, which featured drones flying down the runway carrying the season’s handbags. Jessica and Melissa discussed that it’s important to understand that technology is not always trying to replace humans, in the case of Dolce & Gabbana super models, but that technology is a transition and it provides a new way to tell stories. Also, despite the stigma, tech isn’t always making us more antisocial, it is many times bringing us together.

Brick and mortar, pop-ups, and experiential retail are places in which we all come together. We asked Jessica her thoughts on brick and mortar and she agrees it is not going away any time soon. In addition, there are numerous touch points and data that retailers can gather. For example, knowing what the consumer wants and why they chose a certain item is crucial. Another example are the interactions with sales representatives and customers. Melissa joked that if she had one super power it would be for sales representatives to never say “I don’t know”, instead they should say “let me find out” because with the right in-store tech implementation sales reps should be able to have all the answers!

Companies strive to deliver the best experiences. Two ways retailers are doing this is by providing the best possible wifi (for customer use) and instagrammable moments that the customers will photograph and share on socials and with friends. One way to help convert even more sales is through personalized e-mail marketing. Jessica speaks on why mass e-mail marketing does not cut it for consumers anymore.

Jessica’s favorite place to shop is

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