How To Launch the Right In-Store Technologies

Melissa Gonzalez and Rima Reddy of XRC speak about the latest in-store technologies and what startups should consider when launching.

A Few Show Highlights:

On this Tuesday Talks we had the chance to speak with Rima Reddy, Principal at XRC Labs on what retailers and startups should do and take in to account when launching in-store technologies. Rima leads the development of relationships between XRC and brands and retailers. XRC Labs is an accelerator for upcoming generations of retail tech and consumer goods startup disruptors. Twice a year, ten startups are selected among brands, retailers, investor and entrepreneurs that will strike a positive change in the retail world.

We asked Rima what advice she would give to businesses preparing to launch technology integration. She said one thing to think about is how much time it will take to integrate new technology seamlessly into old technology. For example, if a brand already has a POS system it will take much less time to integrate than a startup company just getting on their feet. The other thing that is often overlooked, although pertinent to success, is training employees on how to use new technologies. If employees are not trained on the new in-store technology they are unable to share this knowledge with their consumers, resulting in technology never being used and pilots never expand past tests.

During our talk with Rima also shared a few brands she is most excited about in retail right now, one being  Melissa Shoes. Rima stated that Melissa Shoes is ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating relevant technology into a retail setting. The owners of Melissa Shoes think like entrepreneurs and are quick with everything they do. When they have their minds set to something they are resourceful in figuring out how to make it work. But a rough plan is not enough for them, they rethink and iterate until the task is completed perfectly, keeping them ahead of their competitors. This is a great example of why brands should do pop-ups, they can test and iterate before rolling out to all location.

Retail and technology have always been integrated, but it is now happening at a rate faster than ever before. Rima offered advice on what needs to be done in order to successfully and seamlessly integrate new technology into a retail setting. We also got to hear her examples of companies that are leaders in retail technology. Thank you to Rima and XRC Labs for joining our Tuesday Talks and speaking about the ever-changing world of retail technology.

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