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Last Thursday, the Lionesque Group team had the pleasure of participating in the Social Retail Summit #7 in Dumbo, NY. Our founder Melissa Gonzalez spoke on their Pop-Ups and Experiential Retail Panel, which dove into the nuts and bolts of getting a pop-up off the ground. This panel discussed all things Pop-Up: from creating the concepts & strategy, location scouting, designing & outfitting your space, setting a budget, creating a great experience, and marketing your event. After attending this summit, we have learned valuable lessons from pop-up leaders Melissa Gonzalez of the Lionesque Group, Eric Ho of Made in LES, Jamie of Alldayeveryday, and Greg Speilberg from Imagination in Space– a group of panelists who have executed hundred of pop-ups collectively.

Missed it? No Worries! We live-tweeted some of our favorite quotes from the panel. Check them out here:

So, how long should you pop-up?

Melissa Gonzalez, our founder of the Lionesque Group, shared tips on determining the length of your pop-up shop:

She also added that if you are a larger brand with a strong following, time is more flexible. In this case, a shorter, highly-anticipated pop up is possible!

What works?

Each panelist shared great tips on what made a pop-up that they worked on or experienced unique and buzz-worthy, including Eric Ho, founder of miLES, where he focuses on opening underused storefronts in the Lower East Side to new possibilities, with classes, events, co-working, and short-term space rentals. We tweeted his three keys to pop-up success here:

Another key point of the panel was the necessity for pop-up shops consider offering the full aesthetic experience of their brand. Our founder Melissa said:

All of the panelists agreed that whether it is partnering with strategic partners who align with your brand, or hosting activities that your target market would be interested in, it is necessary to stay true to the brand image that you wish to portray and avoid succumbing to the temptation of opportunities/ partnerships that are irrelevant to your brand and ultimate goal.

What to AVOID:

It was a unanimous agreement that the biggest DON’T is to be under-planned and unprepared when opening your pop-up shop. Melissa advised:

Greg Spielberg, the founder of Imagination in Space– a NYC startup that creates pop-ups with entrepreneurial artists, creative brand and innovative makers, reiterated Melissa’s statement with a great quote:

Jamie Falkowski, Marketing Director for Alldayeveryday [link], a creative company that has produced experiential retail projects for Levi’s, Nicola Formichetti, Alexander Wang, and others, ended this idea off with a simple-yet-crucial piece of advice:

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