Stantt Extends 1 Month to 3 With Successful Pop-Up

Season: Spring/Summer 2015

Stantt Brand Pop-Up Finds their Man in Midtown with Extended Summer Pop-Up Store

Goal: To introduce their brand to a new geographic location and gain a deeper understanding of their customer base.

Lionesque: TLG worked with the Stantt team to ensure move-in ran smoothly for a well-branded, optimally laid out store, and helped coordinate marketing initiatives through the hotel and events.

Results: The Stantt team quickly discovered that the location at the Roger Smith Hotel was exactly where their key customers worked and shopped. Along with the strong organic foot traffic, and a great highlight in Urban Daddy, Stantt utilized their existing customer base and local marketing opportunities, leading to a very successful first month and them choosing to extended their stay through-out the summer with plans to pop back up in the location again in the upcoming year.