Season: Summer 2020

Periodic—designed and implemented by The Lionesque Group—is a turnkey space located in the Regrade district of Seattle created for brands to activate pop-up experiences in a seamless way.

Goal: In today’s retail landscape, many companies find themselves hoping to test the waters of a brick-and-mortar investment before committing to a longer lease. Periodic was created with the goal of creating a turnkey space that showcases a rotation of emerging and established brands, and removes the friction of opening doors.

Lionesque: The Lionesque Group worked on all aspects of bringing Periodic to life. TLG created the name, brand voice, and visual identity to then translate into key moments in the physical space (including flooring, ceiling treatments, and digital integration). A key component was the development of the turnkey fixture package that prioritizes modularity and functionality to flex between brands and varying product categories. In addition to creative elements, TLG laid out the operational foundation in order to best position Periodic to be a seamlessly run program. The program includes social media coverage and marketing support through a collaboration with a local influencer agency.

Outcome: Month to Month, Periodic unveils a brand that brings something unique and surprising, inviting customers to relish in discovery and unearth something new. To date, some of the curated pop-ups have included Van Moof, Glassybaby, Amazon Horticulture, Cuts, and Sensebellum. Since opening, the experience continues to prove a validation point, in terms of the value of physical retail. For example, Glassybaby pop-up closed early due to sell out of inventory and the Amazon Horticulture pop-up sold out of reservations for their three-week opening in less than 36 hours. Periodic has won Gold in the 2021 Shop! Design Awards in the Pop-Up category and Innovation by Design Award 2021 from Fast Company. ⁠

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