The National Peanut Board Educates with the

“Perfectly Powerful Peanut” Pop-Up

Season: Spring 2015

To kick off Spring 2015, the National Peanut Board powered in with a pop-up shop that ignited midtown Manhattan with #peanutpower.

Goal: To increase awareness and consumer understanding around the nutritional value and diverse benefits of peanuts and peanut butter.

Lionesque: LG worked with Lawler Ballard Van Durand and Golin as the on-the-ground production arm for the 2015 #PeanutPower Pop-Up Shop at the CORNER.

Results: Over 15,000 people visited the 3.5 day pop-up shop, and although existing awareness of peanut butter is already high (about 94% of households have peanuts or peanut butter at home), passers-by gained new awareness of the nutritional value of peanuts and added to their culinary knowledge base thanks to creative recipes by Chef J.J. Johnson. See #peanutpower and join the on-going conversation.