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Imagine you are skiing down the slopes, the wind and velocity guiding you down as you feel the sun gleaming on you off the bright white snow.

You pass rows of full, plush pine and as you finally make it down, you take a break and inhale their scent, pleasantly surprised as you sigh your stresses away. You feel rejuvenated and alive, you then take off your goggles and earphones, and remember – you are in Vegas at Globalshop learning about the future of marketing. 

There is a shift in retail as everyone is now becoming more and more aware of: they say retail is dying, it’s not, it’s evolving and if you are not a part of the evolution, you will slowly and surely become extinct. With this new breath of shopping, comes new and creative ways of marketing. Consumers are looking to experience the brand and brands are looking for that deeper connection with their customer, in comes sensory marketing. The team here at The Lion’esque Group took a trip to Vegas to attend Globalshop where we all came back with fresh ideas on how we can continue to design and evolve memorable experiences for our clients’ branded retail stores.

Let’s go back to the skiing scene, if a brand came in right at the moment my sense of smell was activated – when I discovered the fresh scent of pine on the bottom of the slope – I would not forget it. Sense activated + brand discovery = unforgettable moment. One brand that is focused on brand scented experiences is Ambius, who is responsible for my VR scented experience. They create uniquely branded scents for hotels, clubs, and stores which makes the consumer experience that much more special and memorable. Scent has the ability to transport you to a memory or feeling, and being able to tap into this creates the ability to subliminally create a powerful memory and positive association between a brand and customer. A connection is being created that will make your brand unforgettable in a customer’s memory. When they smell your scent, the first thing they will remember is your brand.

Our tactile senses work in a similar way even when we are not aware of them. This is one of the reasons why pop-up stores are so important especially to online retailers. How will customers know that your leather is butter soft, or that your cashmere scarf is the softest silkiest fabric someone’s skin will ever encounter if it is not sensed by the touch. At Globalshop, a group of students sponsored by the Pave Organization, created a Nike display that was not only a visual billboard fixture for the sneakers themselves, but a tactile experience for the potential consumer. Each piece was movable with a new message that can be discovered on both sides of the display. Building these experiences not only adds an element of surprise but a deeper connection with your potential customer because they are able to create a lasting positive memory association.

Last day at #globalshop2017! Come see us at booth 2875!

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Our final journey through the senses and opportunity to create an unforgettable sensory experience is through sight, which we are seeing a lot of through VR and AR technology. SEG Systems at Globalshop used this through an optical illusion 3D box display they created. Within the box a sneaker was floating on display and around it smoke and text imagery filled up the box consuming the sneaker. This gives the customer not only a unique presentation of the new shoe but also educational information on the product. This use of imagery creates an unforgettable moment for a consumer because they are given an experience that is sensory and impactful giving it staying power in their minds.

The idea of “embodied cognition” says the body influences the mind, that our bodily sensations influence the decisions we make. This makes marketing through sensorial experiences that much more powerful. It’s a brand’s opportunity to form a connection for the consumer and have staying power in their minds. Marketing is most effective when it comes full circle, reaching all the touchpoints to make a lasting impression. Looking forward to our next sensorial immersion popping up.