Melissa is a regular contributor on ABC radio and a frequent go-to-source on retail trends for major media publications across the globe. Below are some of her latest contributions and commentary around retail strategy and what’s next in physical retail.




In a world where the relationship between brands and consumers is becoming more and more transactional, how can businesses build real, human connections with their customers?

Melissa Gonzalez, the retail strategist responsible for dozens of successful
pop-ups from companies like Marc Jacobs, Ariana Rockefeller and J.Hilburn, has the answer. In her groundbreaking book, she explains how companies can use temporary retail to generate customer loyalty, understand new markets, test innovative concepts, and much more. Whether you’re a business with an online presence considering a move into physical retail, or an established retail brand looking to reimagine brick-and-mortar environments, The Pop-Up Paradigm will teach you:

• The 7 most important ways that your brand can benefit from a pop-up
• Why educating and empowering your customer is often the best type of marketing
• Where retail is going via the exploration of the retail tech landscape including: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things case studies
• How to make sure you’re ahead of the curve
• The most important things to consider when launching a pop-up
• The Pop-Up Paradigm is the definitive guide to the important new role that pop-ups are playing in retail, and the perfect companion when deciding whether or not they make sense for your business.