Our Services:
For Property Owners

We are in a monumental time in the commercial real estate industry. The consumer is adapting as fast as technology and the industry needs to catch-up to survive. As retail strategists and pop-up pioneers, we partner with property owners to help reimagine how to present space and evolve the leasing model. Some benefits our clients have seen include: a test bed for attracting and vetting new potential long term lease tenants, enhanced space offerings, organic press and social media impressions.

1 in 3

brands were repeat tenants in our turn-key spaces as a result of their success in product sales and increased awareness



lift in ancillary revenue from hotel room, catering and event space bookings in addition to base rent

Hotel Partners


increase in awareness for spaces as a result of marketing and PR efforts of short term tenant

Across Partners


of pop-up clients transitioned into long term leases after testing the viability of physical spaces



We work with you to transform space


We help our clients rethink physical space. The current retail model is antiquated and the traditional formula of relying on steady in-store sales growth needs an infusion of a new standard. We help our clients unlock opportunities to incubate and repurpose underutilized space in more efficient and innovative ways that drives growth opportunities to traditional infrastructures.


We will work with you to assess your goals and target tenants. Once we have completed a deep dive into what your company is looking to achieve, we will develop an activation strategy that promotes your positions you to engage your target audience. With a clear strategic roadmap, we will create and deliver a conceptual design plan and budget proposal that incorporates all estimated moving parts for an effective pop-up shop.

Program Development

Once strategy has been developed and budget estimates have been approved, TLG will work with you to create a brand filter and standards guide upon which to evaluate potential tenants and architect a ready-to-activate turn-key program that creates a transformative & engaging experience for existing customers and tenants.

Business Development

At the completion of the strategy phase, TLG will work with your team to elevate the existing online presence and marketing campaign for the turnkey space program.

Technology Integration, Analytics & Reporting Metrics

From ideation stages, we are actively thinking about positioning you to deliver a space that works in today’s retail environment. We will incorporate technology strategies to foster continuous data collection learning and actionable steps for growth.

Activation and Recruitment

Once the program is ready to launch, The Lionesque Group will leverage its long-standing relationships with a deep rolodex of brands, retailers and partners looking for short term physical space opportunities.

Build-Out and Execution Partnership

By partnering with The Lionesque Group your program, your tenants have direct access to our design and project management capabilities allowing brands to feel more confident extending their footprint in brick and mortar.


We are your execution partner


We know day to day operational management isn’t your focus. TLG can work with you to establish an optimal operations playbook and manage day-to-day oversight of space operations.

Tenant and Calendar Bookings Management

From your first tenant to the waiting list, we will work with you to manage the booking cycle of your space. We will assist in inquiries, meetings, showings, and contract negotiations.

Staffing Strategy

Staffing is key to the success of your location. We will assist you in developing your staffing strategy, including guidance on an optimal staffing mix, schedule, selection criteria and interviewing, as well as creating an operational in-store manual for your hired team.

Data and Analytics Tracking & Reporting

We will analyze all the data gathered from your property’s technology integration and deliver reports with actionable, data-driven strategies that increase your operational efficiency and foster growth.


We inspire innovation


We help our clients rethink in-store experiences. Beginning with a deep dive into strategy, we help to ensure a powerful story is told – one that incites discovery and engagement – and we architect the opportunity for customer learning and future decision making.

Immersive Think Tank

Think tanks are immersive sessions, ideal for teams looking for a comprehensive view and evaluation of their current retail strategy. We will analyze what’s working, what can be improved upon and culminate the program with an actionable roadmap for implementing a strategy to bring your concepts to life. Think tank sessions culminate with a clear strategic roadmap, a conceptual design plan and production budget estimates that incorporate all estimated moving parts for an effective pop-up store.

Live Interactive Sessions

Connect with us via a Live, Interactive 2-Way video cast. We will be adding new programs throughout the year and we can create a customized program upon request. Our video casts: – Last up to one hour – Allow for up to 200 connections into the Cast (a connection is considered a login from a unique location) – Includes a two-way video experience (including interactive HD streaming video and audio)


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