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Designers and retailers are always looking for ways to expose their brand to customers, and pop-up shops have become an increasingly popular strategy for both emerging designers and large companies. This week Melissa Hall, founder of The Emerging Designer, interviewed our CEO Melissa Gonzalez on how pop-ups can benefit brands along with insider tips on producing one and making it a success.

With an oversubscribed attendance, guests weathered the winter chill to attend and learn the ins to popping up in 2015.  Questions ranged from operational to branding to marketing. Some highlight Q&A included:

Q (Melissa Hall): How can brands benefit from a pop-up?

A (Melissa Gonzalez): While sales are always a component of your goals/benefits, there are a number of additional ways a brand can benefit. Some I mention in my book include: building awareness for launching a new brand, focused learning and testing, customer education, immersing your customer, forming and testing new partnerships.

Q (Melissa Hall): What are some of the basic considerations to think about before you commit to doing one?

A (Melissa Gonzalez): This is where I always work with our clients to be sure we are starting with the assessment of goals, along with a company’s brand promise. Brand promise is your key value proposition and it should inform how you convey your message in the space. We also sit and work through the target customer and how to best communicate the message/call to action in a way that would resonate with them. And, of course never forget budget.


Q (Audience): If you are an emerging brand: when’s the right time to think about pop-ups?

A (Melissa Gonzalez): – There really isn’t a formula. They most important element is to be sure you as a company know your brand promise and have an idea of who you are, what’s your unique value proposition. Be sure your own foundation has been set. You also need products and inventory stocked and ready, whether it’s for wholesale accounts or direct to consumer. Today’s consumer expects things “now” so you have a limited timeframe to get product in hand, once you have hooked them.


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