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As pioneers in the pop-up retail industry we are always staying on the pulse of the latest trends. When it comes to our store design concepts, we are constantly researching what is up-and-coming and utilizing the knowledge to put our own twist to create dynamic and unique designs for our clients. Much like fashion, interior trends are not just useful for our own inspiration, but keep retailers relevant and keep their brand at the forefront of the current conversations.

As we embark further into 2017 our team is reflecting on the emerging design trends that inspire and excite us this year:

Immersive Technology

“I love how brands are fully integrating technology in brick-and-mortar store design.

It’s the perfect marriage of experiential story telling with the benefits of the endless aisle we experience via online shopping. Through interactive touch screens and displays, customers are truly empowered to dive deeper into product details, browse additional options and read product reviews from others. It also allows the brand learn more about what their customer’s care about furthering the possibilities for more personalized experience in the future.” Chief Pop-Up Architect, Melissa Gonzalez

“Virtual and Augmented Reality integration in retail environments is helping brands build stronger touchpoints. It’s bridging the gap between offline and online presence, which enhances the customer’s engagement and relationship. Customers can now in virtual or augmented reality try products on themselves in different environments. This will leave a strong impression on the brand that’s memorable to the customer, which is why I love VR and AR. “ – TLG intern and FIT Visual Merchandising Student, Annie Chen

Images via Trip Advisor & Fashion Snoops

Overall Aesthetics

“I love how the nostalgia of past designs and styles are being brought back to life again. Minimalism is beginning to trickle out while staple items and classic designs from the past are making a comeback. Reproductions of styles that feel familiar, but are made of modern materials with a new twist on the design details. Focusing on comfort and coziness first, but still keeping a classic youthful touch. Playing with dimensions adds a fresh approach. Re-energizing traditional styles from different decades to allow styles to evolve.​” – TLG intern & Kent State Fashion Merchandising Student, Maddie Preston

“Cultural Explorations is the design trend I am most excited about for 2017! As an Americanized Venezuelan with European grandparents, I’ve always been in the center of different merged cultures. As the world becomes more and more connected, I love the idea of merging traditional artifacts and patterns with modern elements. We’ll be able to appreciate and explore cultures even more in our daily lives and it might even promote respect for foreign cultures.” – Project Manager, Gaby Castelao



“I’m inspired by the Pantone’s Color of the Year: Greenery, which reminds me of urban and natural landscapes that converge and spawn a new, sustainable world. The focus is on making areas green. “ – TLG intern and FIT Visual Merchandising Student, Nadia Tai

“It excites me to take something simplistic and common and make small tweaks that completely transform to something complex and elevated. The mixing of colors, patterns, and materials is a current trend that, if utilized correctly, can create dynamic and interesting displays. I especially love the additions of different textures to create more dimensions and mirrors to play with lighting that attract shoppers to the products being displayed” – Project Manager, Megan Ohr

 Design trends can be utilized in creating every aspect of the pop-up retail experience from the most basic color and material palettes to the more advanced interactive technological elements. With every design, our goal is to create an experiential experience that not just attracts shoppers, but completely immerses them in the story of the brand and its product or service offerings. A powerful design can truly support the underlying narrative of a retailer’s core story and highlights their brand DNA.