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At The Lion’esque Group we pride ourselves in bringing the ethos of a brand to life through pop-up storytelling experiences. Our goal is always to create a long lasting brand impression for our clients through the use of creative retail strategies to produce an engaging physical environment and immersive shopping encounter. As the surge of new retail strategies continues to evolve, creativity becomes even more important in the brick and mortar world to stay relevant, and the pop-up experience is now more valuable than ever.
In order to tell a powerful story we need a location to do so, that is why we are proud to announce a new addition to our partnership spaces, a new physical location in NYC that is ready to bring these ideas to life – SPACE38.


SPACE38 was launched in response to the ever-changing retail landscape. Located on 38th street, in the heart of New York City’s Garment District, it is: “an inventive revolving retail storefront with a unique multi-channel opportunity to showcase the pop-up storytelling experience.”

Mock up inspiration rendering of a luxe handbag line.

By bringing awareness and analytical insight, SPACE38 works to amplify their clients’ brand stories by using the space as the platform for growth. As co-creator Alexa Gavin describes it: “SPACE38 came from a passion for art and fashion. It began as a space for local artists to display their artwork and quickly evolved into a spot for brands and designers to test retail opportunities. I have always loved the experience of shopping, the sense of discovery you get when you find that one thing you been searching for. SPACE38 was created for brands and their customers to build on that experience and relationship. SPACE38 believes in the “art of retail” and the unique experience you can only get in a retail environment.”

Photography by Albert Cheung of FRAME Studios

It’s location makes it an ideal testing ground for brands due to its unique diversity of foot traffic. With two hotels located on the block, there is a high volume of visitors looking for discovery. The closeness to 5th Avenue, its retail destinations, and company office buildings, makes it an ideal mix of the after work and shopping crowd.

‘Make It Yours’ inspiration mock up rendering of the facade of SPACE38

Our past clients such as J. Hilburn, Mizzen + Main, and Quero Shoes have revisited Midtown multiple times in their pop-up experience due to higher profits during their stay here compared to other neighborhoods. With the construction of a another new hotel on the block and multiple stores launching in the vicinity, it is known that this area is transforming rapidly.


Technology is a major component in the retail space, continuously changing the way we process and analyze information for success. An advantage of SPACE38 is that it is fully equipped with in-store tracking solutions. A pop-up is always an ideal testing ground for brands to learn more about their target market, especially if you have the right tools to gather the data. We worked closely with Alexa Gavin to ensure the space is integrated with the best-in-class technology to help brands learn about customer trends, patterns, interactions in the space, and overall insight into the customer journey. All tracking devices will be available to brands and the data that will be gathered adds to their development and growth. The in-store tracking technology will render reports on:

  • Foot Traffic Count – The number of people passing by the store with comparison to the number of people actually coming into the store
  • Customer Paths – The paths customers take as soon as they walk in
  • Dwell Times – The time customers spend in different areas throughout
  • Heat Mapping – The areas most traveled by the customers
  • POS Integration – The conversion rates and average cart size
Photography by Albert Cheung of FRAME Studios


Our new brand in residence starting March 1st is MYRRA, a modern luxury jewelry brand. MYRRA will be showcasing their latest designs and the brand will be a great start to the SPACE38 mission. We look forward to the retail experiences brands will create in this space. SPACE38 is – Modern Retail Reinvented.