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Our CEO launches a revised & expanded Pop-Up Paradigm book, including new chapters on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, 3-D Printing and The Internet of Things. With case studies from Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade and more, Gonzalez dives into how brands can create immersive experiences and develop lasting relationships with customers, existing and new. See Sneak Peek Excerpts below:

From Chapter 10: Bridging the Physical-Digital Divide with the Internet of Things

The only thing certain about retail’s evolution is that it’s not going anywhere. Aided and abetted by technology, it will become totally immersive in ways consumers can’t yet imagine! An important area in the progression of online, mobile, and physical commerce is the utilization of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the network of embedded software and other technical add-ons in physical objects like buildings, cars, and appliances. Retail is moving to incorporate the Internet of Things by integrating technology in their brick-and-mortar stores.

From Chapter 11: Behind The Brand Experiences With Augmented Reality
As mentioned previously, augmented reality is unique in its ability to get the customer to experience a new environment by interacting with features of their current environment. It is achieved by combining some elements that actually exist in the physical realm with elements that are accessible via phone or other technology. AR is different from VR because AR requires participation from customers. For instance, customers can access augmented reality through a few taps on their mobile device in order to learn more about a product without needing to speak with a salesperson.

Praise For The Pop-Up Paradigm
“Gonzalez believes that setting standards to measure your return on investment is also a critical component when planning and preparing for your pop-up.”

— Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle, Forbes Magazine


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