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We are excited to announce that our latest project with our partner Shopify, the How to Create a Successful Pop-Up Shop Video Series, has  launched! Already having shared her insights on the pop-up industry with guest posts and case studies on the Shopify Blog, our CEO Melissa Gonzalez is now giving readers the inside scoop on key lessons brands should learn in order to create the ultimate temporary retail experience.

Here’s a sneak peak at what you will find in each video:

Lesson 1: Why You Need to Do a Pop-Up Shop – Find out what a pop-up shop is and the different benefits behind them.

Lesson 2: How to Pick the Perfect Pop-Up Shop Location – Picking a location for your pop-up shop is a key element to a successful pop-up, find out what to look for, and where to look (like and The Market at RSHotel) when scouting.

Lesson 3: Pop-Up Store Interior Design & Layout – How to immediately immerse your customers in your brand story when they first walk into your store and get creative by using helpful apps, including MagicPlan, Colorsnap by Sherwin Williams, Pinterest, and iHandy Level.

Lesson 4: Retail Merchandising, Inventory, and In-Store Displays – Less is more! Discover best practices for showcasing your best-sellers and experiment with different ways of merchandising. For example, brand VallarinoSaltonstall  experimented in their pop-up and discovered merchandising by color worked best for them.

Lesson 5: Visual Merchandising with Creative Window Displays – Your window display is your first chance to draw a customer to your store. See how to design a display that will hook your audience in with a powerful message.

Lesson 6: The Necessary Store Signage & Decals – Story telling starts from the outside in. Learn what to include in your signage and decals to best portray your brand and the urgency of the pop-up.

Lesson 7: The Tech Required & Omni-Channel Retailing – Learn your technology requirements, like your checkout counter. Thanks to Shopify POS, it now requires minimal set-up.

Lesson 8: Marketing & Promoting Your Pop-Up Through Social Media – Explore ways of creating buzz, amplify reach, and get the world out about your pop-up store. Know your target customers.

Lesson 9: Evaluating Your Pop-Up’s Success – See the different ways of measuring pop-up success and how you can use this information to your benefit in the future.

Watch the full series here.