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The world of short-term “pop-up” retail has its own set of rules when it comes to planning. While traditional long-term retail stores usually acquire the space and are able to allot as much time as they need for the build and décor touches, pop-ups only have a limited lease with the space, and therefore require minimal amount of days for build.

For pop-up stores there are many ways to pre-plan to ensure an optimal layout and secure the right fixtures, but for the décor touches that really complete the store design, it’s can be a more difficult task. While it is imperative to pre-purchase these items,  one does not have the freedom to browse stores and slowly secure the right pieces given the limited time and decorating therefore needs to become a much more instinctual process. So how do you give yourself this freedom of design during your build? We have some tips on making this happen!


Pick a Few Core Pieces You Know You Want in Specific Areas

While you are going through configuring the layout and sourcing your store fixtures, a few key décor elements may stand out to you for certain places. For example, knowing you want a certain pop of color by a specific fixture or a product display you know works perfectly with your brand. When you start to plan out your décor elements begin with these pieces as your core. If you know what you want and where you want it, start there and then build your assortment around that.

Plan Your Assortment: Put a Number on It

Although you may not know where you want to place your other décor pieces just yet, you can estimate how many items you may need. A good way to do this is to create a list of the fixtures in the store where design accents can go. How many shelves are there? Display platforms? Tables? From there, and with each of the measurements, you can then decide how many different items you will have in each area. Now, you can order your interchangeable assortment with the confidence in knowing you won’t leave any empty spaces.


Buy An Assortment of Décor Pieces that Work Anywhere in The Shop

Before you even begin to plan any store design, make sure you fully understand the branding of the store, including if it has an overall theme and look. Once you have figured out the amount you will need, you can then look back to the store’s main concept and aesthetic to find an assortment of pieces that can work just about anywhere in the store. Look for products that go with the colors of the brand and work with the feeling of the space or the theme. If each item purchased matches the criteria, then this should give yourself a strong collection to work with.

Let Your Design Eye Take Over

During build when you get to décor you can place your original core pieces, and then it is time to play with the rest of the assortment. Begin to place the items and take time to take a step back and trust your design instinct. If you planned and ordered the assortment to fit the number and overall store aesthetic, you should have exactly what you need to fill the store and add the finishing touches.

Pop-up design planning can be tricky, but there are many ways to stay organized and ready for the quick-build. Utilizing these tips can help you do just that while also giving yourself room to let the creative juices flow and give you the end result of a beautiful store that many will admire.