New Orlean’s Brand Queork tests the N.Y. Market

Season: Winter 2013

  “Feeling is believing” says designer and co-founder Amanda Bailey, and so she brought the Queork line of handbags and fashion accessories made from 

genuine cork fabric to NYC to educate new customers.


Goal: To introduce the brand to a new geographic area and new demographic.

Lionesque: LG worked with the Queork team to plan an interior design that encompassed authentic elements of the cork design process. We also tapped local influencers to collaborate and co-host key events to increase awareness for the Queork pop-up shop.

Results: The Queork brand saw a 50% increase in overall sales due to their NYC storefront, and learned they had greater price elasticity in the New York market. E-commerce traffic also saw a shift with New York becoming the #1 driver of online sales for the second half of December 2013.