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As first published on www.psfk.com.

Each week there is a new brand launching, be it apparel or accessories, food or technology. Launching a website is possible for almost anyone who can buy a template, upload photos, adjust colors and fonts. Every industry seems saturated with options, and competition is fierce.
Most ‘disruptive’ ideas are barely new, and very few have staying power, often ceasing operations by overspending without the ability to turn a profit. So how does a brand create a DNA so powerful that it resonates, builds trust and has longevity with its customers?

The answer is it takes an ensemble of teams, and an effort to source the best of the best in each area of specialty: A founding team with a clear vision of who they are and what they offer, a branding agency to give the vision structure, a product design team, a user experience team, a public relations agency, an influencer network, and an experiential agency.

Every aspect of the brand—its hues, fonts, language, photography style, video content, icons, muses and design—need to be aligned. Every touch point needs to communicate the same value proposition. And everything needs to happen at launch because first impressions are everything. They’re what can make a brand the next new household name like the innovative Warby Parker, Sonos and Beats by Dre. Or not.

Connected travel case company Raden launched their brand with the simultaneous unveiling of their e-commerce site—their first brick and mortar retail store and social channels—with an understanding of the impact of delivering an immersive retail experience that told a story and translated the ethos of their brand in a truly authentic environment. “After two years of marinating on great retail inspiration, artistic inspiration and tech inspiration, the team carefully appropriated each element to tell a consistent and powerful story, the story of #Radenhour,” shares founder Josh Udashkin.

So, what is better travel? It’s light, it’s easy, it’s weightless. To convey this, we built the retail store to feature 365 sleek cases framed by a radiant horizon, a case to represent 365 sunrises, 365 sunsets and 365 days of possible travel. Standing within the Raden coliseum, inspired by the work of Donald Judd, one is fully surrounded by the value proposition that traveling with Raden feels so light it floats. And traveling better also means staying charged, as experienced by their 13 charging stations powered by Raden cases thanks to their Mophie battery integration. Frictionless execution is made possible through their app that informs case owners how much their case weighs once packed and how its weight stacks up against airline guidelines. Bluetooth enabled Crowd GPS lets its users know where their case is as they travel in the airport and on the plane. It means staying hydrated and stress free as experienced through their in-store partnership with Zico waters and Zeel massages. It means being inspired as illustrated via a projected Instagram feed of jaw dropping sunrises and sunsets from around the world.

With the fusion of intentional design, technology integration to power the end-to-end experience, and purposeful branding one leaves Raden with the confidence the experience of travel can be transformed.

Now step back and envision your next sunrise and sunset.