2017’s Retail 101

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It’s far from news that retail has been, is and will continue to evolve. Technological advancements today are moving at hyper speeds to enhance customer capabilities and thus increase expectations; and retailers and brands are tasked with the duty of keeping up if they want to survive. This new level of connectivity into consumers’ lives provides brands the opportunity to be closer to the consumer than ever before, but in order to capitalize on the opportunity of seamless integration and personalization; the approach must start with truly understanding the core of the brand values and the needs and wants of their target customer.


What Inspires Us: Design Trends of 2017

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   As pioneers in the pop-up retail industry we are always staying on the pulse of the latest trends. When it comes to our store design concepts, we are constantly researching what is up-and-coming and utilizing the knowledge to put our own twist to create dynamic and unique designs for our clients. Much like fashion, interior trends are not just useful for our own inspiration, but keep retailers relevant and keep their brand at the forefront of the current conversations.


A Student’s Day In The Life at NRF: From Textbook To Real Life Application

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Written by Maddie Preston

Being a student gives you so many opportunities, especially when you have the opportunity to intern in the big apple. I was lucky enough to join The Lionesque Group on their trip to NRF’s Big Show. I am currently interning with them while I am studying here in New York City for the semester. At school our professors taught us about NRF, but actually being there in real life is a completely different experience. Here is a recap of my one day journey walking the trade show floor and meeting with various innovative companies and service providers.


Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Marketing

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Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly immersed in the latest technology has to offer. Our iPhones update themselves, there is a new app everyday, and a new tech trend that changes the way we take in information, changing our lives forever.


The Power of Unified Commerce

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Last week The Lionesque Group took on NRF’s Annual Big Retail Show! The show is about the latest in the retail industry, with all types of companies from traditional brands to high-tech industry disruptors showcasing their offerings. In particular, I set my eyes on finding companies that improve operations through in-store tracking systems. (more…)

The New Converged Retail Environment

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Brick and mortar continues to redefine itself with an updated look thanks to the Internet of Things driving customer engagement with tactile and sensorial experiences and turning the store back into a competitive advantage for brands and retailers. Hardware and software companies are working hard to stay ahead of the technology curve that continues to drive consumer demands and expectations. But while, companies like IBM, Intel and Elo are leading the charge, only about 20 percent of retailers can currently provide a highly personalized and digitally integrated in-store shopping experience.


Behind the Screens: Trends In Digital Signage Analytics

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What typically comes to mind when you hear the term “digital signage”? A colorful, enticing image? Maybe some compelling video, or an interactive touch screen? To your consumers, this is exactly what you want to portray. You use them as tools to get people in your stores and to buy your product. But retailers should not stop there as digital signage can be a much more powerful tool in their arsenal. At this year’s NRF conference, we met numerous companies that allow retailers to utilize their digital signage solutions to gain analytics and really learn about their key consumers. Here we give you a ‘behind the screens’ peek at what is trending in digital signage analytical data:


12 Ways to Create an Environment That Helps You Thrive

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As first published on ThriveGlobal.com

As a metro New York resident, business owner and mom, I know the grind of working long and hard hours. Each day we are hitting the pavement aggressively looking to conquer our to-do lists and be as “productive as possible.” However, in our pursuit to conquer all, we often forget to step back to invest the time to create environments that truly allow us to excel and perform at our best potential. Truly thriving isn’t just about putting in the long hours, it’s about putting in your best hours to open up your day to spend your hours the way you want, not the way you have to.


How Engagement Can Lead To Data

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Every year the Northside Festival presents and brings together the best in ideas and information on “What’s New” in innovation. This year, we learned how drones will change the face of marketing and how VR is charging through as the new form of experiential media.


The Pop-Up Paradigm Second Edition Launch

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Our CEO launches a revised & expanded Pop-Up Paradigm book, including new chapters on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, 3-D Printing and The Internet of Things. With case studies from Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade and more, Gonzalez dives into how brands can create immersive experiences and develop lasting relationships with customers, existing and new. See Sneak Peek Excerpts below: