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A few times a year we are all wowed and inspired by the stroke of brilliance illustrated by a game changing marketing campaign. It takes over our instagram and snapchat feeds, it goes viral and ingrains a new perspective of a product or service into our minds. So, how do the best of the best effectively pull off these campaigns?

Above The Clutter is an intelligently produced webseries that gives viewers a VIP ticket to understanding how change agents, innovators and pioneers execute successful marketing strategies. It’s not another dissection of a company case study, but rather each episode takes you behind the scenes, one-on-one with the CMO of various, and sometimes unexpected, companies nationwide such as The (Grammy) Recording Academy, Home Depot, The St. Louis Cardinals and Steinway & Sons.

Unlike many marketing books we have read, or case studies we have downloaded, the goal of the series isn’t how to think of your next big idea, or big ideas at all. It’s a fresh approach on how to execute ideas. We have all heard the equation to success = right idea, right time, right team. As host Pete Krainik states, “the purchaser won’t buy what you do, they buy into how you do it”.

Here are a few impactful sound bites from the first few episodes of the Above the Clutter series:

How to Deliver a One-Night Stand, Year Round
Evan Greene is the mastermind CMO behind The Recording Academy. In his conversation with Above the Clutter he takes you behind the scenes of the Grammy’s and how they approach marketing. It’s not just “watch the show and we’re done.” When you don’t have a product, but are selling an ideal, your marketing game MUST be top notch. “When the Grammys award show is over, the marketing is just getting started.” The Recording Academy and Artists Foundations understands the importance of music in the life of their artists. Their mission is to continue the legacy of music education and the Awards show is the culmination of the year-round relationship. It’s a one-night event, but a year-round relationship.

“Marketing is only as strong as your ability to deliver it”
Trish Mueller CMO, Home Depot shares real stories of how some of the best ideas have gone down in flames, because associates didn’t embrace them. Ideas are just ideas without the team to execute them. ”Sometimes you have to spend time marketing the marketing” in house first. She impresses upon the importance of cultivating an excitement within the company in order to implement it outward to the customers.

Innovation labs is also a trend we are seeing when brands are looking to launch an effective experience, not just a campaign.

Real Advice: “Don’t Buy into your own B.S.”
Trish Mueller also shares some of the “realist” advice from the founder Bernie Marcus. Don’t get so enamored in ideas you forget the realistic application of them.

Via firsthand accounts from revered CMO’s, viewers are brought behind the scenes of the thought processes, challenges and motivations that brought some of the most innovative campaigns to fruition. Viewers get the inside look at what inspires these thought leaders, and what it really takes to succeed.

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