We are retail strategists and pop-up architects™ who have produced over 100 pop-up store experiences in New York City, Austin, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and the Hamptons.

The Lion’esque Group was founded in 2009 by retail futurist Melissa Gonzalez, who is also a co-founder of The MARKET, Chief Pop-Up Retail Architect of Loudin Virginia’s Smart City development and author of The Pop-Up Paradigm.

Among our awards, we have been honored with the 2015 Retail Innovator Award for our work to transform the pop-up store environment by Retail Touchpoints, the CLIO Image Award for experiential engagement, and we were finalists for the New York Design Award for marketing and branded experiences.


Beginning with the vision of the branded experience, Lionesque Group guides clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the “pop-up experience.” The advisory begins with a deep dive and conceptual ideation, and continues with project management from pre-planning to store opening, and concludes with the merging of Lionesque Group’s knowledge of social media strategy with the company’s deep Rolodex of partners and sponsors.

Our Company Values

Bold Vision

We make it our mission to think outside the box so that your brand makes an long lasting impact with your target audience.

Innovative Strategy

We scour the globe for what's new, fresh and cutting edge, and bring innovative ideas to your pop-up activation.

Reliable Support

We are an extension of your team from ideation to break-down, and have an extensive database of vetted vendors and partners for you to leverage.

Passionate Execution

We take the time to evaluate your options, plan the most effective strategy and are fully invested in your success today and in the future.

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We take e-commerce first brands to brick-and-mortar and help companies re-think the physical-digital world of retail. From day one we work with our clients to understand the qualitative and quantitative benefits of an immersive retail experience and guide them on how to get meaningful return on investment from its implementation.


We will work with you to assess your goals, brand DNA and customer targets. Once we have completed a deep dive into what your company is looking to achieve, we will develop an activation strategy that promotes your brand's message and engages your target audience.

With a clear strategic roadmap, we will create and deliver a conceptual design plan and budget proposal that incorporates all estimated moving parts for an effective pop-up shop.


Once strategy has been developed and budget estimates have been approved, it’s time to find the best location for your pop-up store. The Lionesque Group will leverage its long-standing relationships with real estate partners and procure the ideal location; a location where foot traffic and customer demographics are inline with your key targets and the aesthetic of the space is on brand with yours.

We will assess permitting and occupancy needs and ensure you are prepared with necessary paperwork and certificates for your event(s).

Design and Merchandising Phase

After a location is selected, we will move into the 3-D design phase to create space renderings and flesh out space layout, including exterior and interior elements. The design phase will be developed in accordance with developed budget projections and deliver the message of your brand and activation strategy.

We will ensure your layout upholds a retail point of view and is optimized for telling an impactful story, customer flow, interaction and transacting.

Calendar of Events

From the opening reception to co-hosted events, we will work with you to flesh out an in-store calendar of events for the duration of your pop-up store that amplifies your brand’s reach and builds an organic community around your brand. We will secure strategic partners and sponsors that compliment your message and extend your reach.

Build Out and Execution

Project management by The Lionesque Group will allow your company to focus on your brand while we ensure the best execution. We will:

i) secure and manage all vendor relationships
ii) create and manage production timelines and run of show
iii) hire and train day-to-day staffing if needed

Reflection/Reporting Metrics

From conception stages, we are actively thinking about achieving your goals. Whether it’s brand awareness, customer education, sales or testing a new market, we will ensure you are positioned to gather data that will increase your ROI short term and longer term.

i) Traffic – We will incorporate devices to monitor traffic, dwell times and conversions.

ii) Sales – We will ensure you are positioned not only to run sales, but to collect data on your customers for future follow-up as well as service and merchandising enhancements.

iii) Social – We will identify key influencers during your campaign and report on engagement metrics and sentiment analysis across social media platforms.

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NOW available: The Pop-Up Paradigm via Amazon.com & Barnes and Nobles


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2017’s Retail 101

2017’s Retail 101

As first published on LinkedIn

It’s far from news that retail has been, is and will continue to evolve. Technological advancements today are moving at hyper speeds to enhance customer capabilities and thus increase expectations; and retailers and brands are tasked with the duty of keeping up if they want to survive. This new level of connectivity into consumers’ lives provides brands the opportunity to be closer to the consumer than ever before, but in order to capitalize on the opportunity of seamless integration and personalization; the approach must start with truly understanding the core of the brand values and the needs and wants of their target customer.


What Inspires Us: Design Trends of 2017

What Inspires Us: Design Trends of 2017

   As pioneers in the pop-up retail industry we are always staying on the pulse of the latest trends. When it comes to our store design concepts, we are constantly researching what is up-and-coming and utilizing the knowledge to put our own twist to create dynamic and unique designs for our clients. Much like fashion, interior trends are not just useful for our own inspiration, but keep retailers relevant and keep their brand at the forefront of the current conversations.


A Student’s Day In The Life at NRF: From Textbook To Real Life Application

A Student’s Day In The Life at NRF: From Textbook To Real Life Application

Written by Maddie Preston

Being a student gives you so many opportunities, especially when you have the opportunity to intern in the big apple. I was lucky enough to join The Lionesque Group on their trip to NRF’s Big Show. I am currently interning with them while I am studying here in New York City for the semester. At school our professors taught us about NRF, but actually being there in real life is a completely different experience. Here is a recap of my one day journey walking the trade show floor and meeting with various innovative companies and service providers.


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